Our Beliefs



We believe:

  • That God has called us to be fishers of men, and making disciples of men is our greatest responsibility.
  • That we would go forth daily fulfilling this appointment. 
  • We are to reach the lost souls of this world wherever we encounter them.  We strive to love each and everyone as God loves us.
  • That we might actively preach, teach, evangelize and live the Word of God through the various vehicles of this church's educational programs. 
  • That we will reach out in our communities and touch the unchurched population.
  • That through these efforts the Word of God will be spread. 
  • That we must obey the covenant of the church and carry out its purpose. 
  • We are to observe the ordinances of God.

Our goal, through God's blessings, is to be actively involved in the mission of the Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church.